We are very ready for a fantastic season by the sea!!! In addition to the beautiful beach in front of the island of Bergeggi where you can immerse yourself in truly crystal clear waters at Playa de Luna, you can fully enjoy our beautiful sea by experiencing it firsthand. In a more relaxed way, maybe with friends by renting one of ours pedalos, or more dynamically if you like to play sports by renting our canoes.

Prices 2022:

  • PEDALOS: 15 € per hour (As far as 3 people) – 18 € per hour (Per 4 people) – 20 € per hour (Per 5 people)
  • DOUBLE CANOE: 12 € per hour
  • SINGLE CANOE: 7 € per hour
Playa de Luna spiaggia Bergeggi